Lighting up your Inbox with 2023 review and 2024 teasers!

The 2022                                                       Titan Round-Up

Hi there,

It’s that time of the year when we look back at it and plan for the next. 2023 has been an incredible year of growth, innovation, and connection, all thanks to your trust in Titan as your go-to email solution.

We worked on over 20 features and enhancements during this time. 🎉 But it wasn’t just feature after feature. We heard you, paused, and went back to some of our existing features to make them even better.

So grab your hot chocolate and join us for the 2023 recap and 2024 sneak peek!

Signature Designer

Add email signatures using our beautiful templates and stand out. With our templates, you can add your contact details, relevant URLs, social media handles, and even a picture!

Access and download attachments easily

Find all email attachments in one place – on the top right of the email or email thread. You no longer need to scroll to the bottom of the email or open each email in an email thread to access attachments.

Customize Calendar notifications

You can turn off reminders and push notifications for calendar events if you do not want to receive updates for every change made to an event you’re a part of. You can also customize the default time for notifications for each event.

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re excited to share a page from our “Coming Soon” book! Titan remains committed to innovation and user-centric development as we enter a new year. The upcoming features are crafted with your feedback and business needs in mind and promise to elevate your communications to the next level. Stay tuned for all our developments that will redefine how we interact and conduct business in the digital world.

Throwback to 2023

You have always been at the center of our innovations, and together, we’ve achieved some amazing things. Let’s take a moment to celebrate our milestones and check out the cool stats we’ve racked up along the way.

Titan Statistics

For more on professional email, check out the Titan Blog, and if you need help with Titan, visit the Titan Support Page.

Team Titan

The 2022                                                       Titan Round-Up

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